Woodston Manor Partnership

Biobest Hi health scheme

Woodston Aphrodite

Our largest accolade to date 2010 RWAS champion. Woodston Aphrodite a Rawburn Rock Solid daughter.

Woodston Angus

Our small herd of Angus cattle suit our farm, with the ability of the angus to thrive on an extensive grassland system.

Woodston Angus are part of the BIOBEST hi health scheme . We are accreditted free of Johnes and IBR and we have passed our 1st qualifying test for BVD. All animals are annually vaccinated for BVD.


The Woodston Herd of Aberdeen Angus was formed in 1999 with the purchase of the Aberkirk herd from Ludlow Shropshire. A group of ten animals which went back to Jalta of Oaken Manor, who in turn went back to Junerica of Bega. Additions have been added from the herd dispersal of Stoddard Angus and more recently of Warren H Marshall's Cymru Herd.  In 2008 and 2009 3 Glympton Cows were added to the herd. In 2010 following the dispersal of the Wulstan's herd 5 more cows were added.  

Woodston Angus in 2011 now stands at 23 pedigree cows which are run extensively on the 100 acres of permanent pasture at Woodston they are managed as a low maintenance herd, calving in the Spring, with dry cows outwintered on a woodchip corral.

2010 saw the two changes to the Woodston Herd entering into the biobest health scheme, which so far has returned good results and beginning to show our own progeny.

The aim of the herd is to breed a more traditional type of bull, concentrating on confirmation. The amount of Canadian breeding within the herd provides a good sized bull, with typical 500 day weighs about 700kg