Woodston Manor Partnership

Background Woodston Fruit

Our fruit is very much farmed on a traditional basis, our 'young' orchards are 50 years old, with many tree a lot older.  We resisted the temptation in the 1980's, when many got grants to pull out the orchards.  In the last 10 years we have in fact planted more plums and cooking apples.

Like the rest of the farm, the orchards are run extensively with a minimal amount of sprays, just enough to get a crop.

Fruit once being a dominant feature of the Teme Valley has had take a back seat to all the other enterprises going on throughout this now changing area.  With the fall of the supermarket take up of 'English' fruit and a want it now all year round culture, the British fruit industry has been hit hard.

However we may be having light at the end of the tunnel, with several renowned celebrity chefs championing the 'Buy Local' and reducing airmails themes, coupled with the only lost superb flavours of 'old fashioned' varieties, consumers are beginning to see the light.  


Looking promising, please ask if you require plums



Sorry no cherries in 2014.